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2024/2025 Pricing

 Species        Shoulder      1/2 life-size        Life-size

 Antelope     $775.00

 Bear             $750.00         $500.00/FT       $500/FT

 Beaver                                                           $800.00

 Bison           $2,750.00

 Boar             $825.00

 Bobcat         $425.00                                   $850.00

 Caribou       $1,450.00

 Coyote         $475.00         $600.00            $850.00

 Elk                $1,450.00

 Fallow          $750.00

 Fox               $450.00          $575.00            $800.00

 Mink                                                               $400.00

 Moose         $1,575.00

 Mtn. Lion                                                       $3,750.00(-/+)

 Mule Deer   $775.00

 Raccoon       $425.00                                    $800.00

 Ram              $800.00          $1,600.00

 Red Stag      $1,450.00(-/+)

 Sitka             $750.00

 Whitetail      $750.00          $1,750.00        $3,000.00 (-/+)

**(-/+) - is give or take depending on size

Open mouth -  Add $235.00

Wall pedestal - Add $175.00

Turkey fan mount  $150.00


 Species          Price/Linear Foot

Bear                   $475.00 / LF*

Bobcat                $275.00 / LF*

Coyote                $275.00 / LF*

Fox                     $275.00 / LF*

Raccoon              $275.00 / LF*

** Rug prices include; padding, backing, and 2 layers of colored felt border


            Skull Cleaning and whiten

                  European Mounts

 Species                Price

Whitetail               $150.00

   *includes a basic wall hanger

Antler plaque         $175.00

Bear                     $200.00

Fox,yote,coon        $85.00

** I use Dermestid beetles (flesh eating) to clean all skulls


 Species                  Price 

Bear                          $100/FT

Beaver                      $185.00

Bobcat                      $175.00

Coyote                      $185.00

Fisher                       $155.00

Fox                            $165.00

Raccoon                   $165.00

Whitetail                  $225.00

* All furbearers that are getting dry tanned, I keep all the feet/claws. Also split and turn ears, nose and lips

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash, Check or Venmo 

(if paying by check, check needs to be made out to "Cynthia Brailovski")

** Prices (for tanning) include bringing me the animal whole and I will skin out. I keep all feet, and I also split and turn the nose and ears so they are not as hard/stiff when the tanning process is complete. This only pertains to fur bearing. Please have bears, and any antlered/horned animals skinned/butchered up to the neck before bringing to the shop. 

** if you have harvested an animal you do not see on this list, or have any other specifications/questions, please don't hesitate to call and/or email me. At this time I do not do fish and/or birds. During Turkey Season I only intake turkeys for fan mounts with or without legs & beard. 

 Prices subject to change

** True Mount Taxidermy will require a 50% deposit of full price to cover supplies

[I do not accept cards at this time]

* *These prices cover your basic mount. Prices can vary for different mount poses and habitat desired. Please call and schedule a time to stop by the shop so we can discuss your mount in greater detail. 

6 Month Gaurantee

True Mount Taxidermy guarantees your mount will be ready to bring home within 6 months of receiving the tanned hide back from the tannery

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